Injustice and Corruption
Happy Birthday Who?

Today is my daughter’s third birthday and at 11:00am I have my third bail hearing — how poetical —, where my Atty. will, despite his apparent lack of fortitude, attempt to convince the court of how pointless it is for the state to keep me in EHD.

My daughter’s third birthday AND the second of her birthdays I will miss, because of this ordeal.  The saddest part of it all is that I can’t even wish her a Happy Birthday, let alone send her any kind of presents because, of course, that would constitute a violation of the no contact order in place.  Yes, the state is doing such a great job protecting children, and the community’s wellbeing, by keeping ME in EHD.  Clearly, I am such a monster.  I am the meanest parent in the world and I never cared for any children I have busted my ass helping raise — Just in case: mind the sarcasm, idiots.

I want to give thanks to Federal Way Police Department’s officers and detectives for a, mediocre at best, job determining and inventing probable causes for my arrest, and for the subsequent “non-biased” investigation that lead to my incarceration.  For their ineptitude while handling the scene/evidence and the inaccurate reports provided in support of their false claims.

To the drivers/paramedics of the American Medical Response for, not only improperly and irresponsibly handling my stepson’s injury (lifting him, unsecured, on a stretcher, then dropping him), but, also, for the inaccurate statements they, allegedly, provided to one of the officers during the aforementioned investigation.

To the state and county, for wasting taxpayers money, supporting incompetent public employees who are in charge of, nothing less than, our SAFETY, and for being so blinded by politics, that the injustices made to an individual are overlooked in favor of a false sense of safety and security – unless you’re intelligent enough and have been inside the correctional/justice department, you would not understand how reversed this whole “keeping the bad guys in, but the good guys out” is.  It is NOT about safety, it is all numbers and politics!

To self-proclaimed witnesses for claiming to have been present and witnessed events that are figments of their imagination and, at the most, a biasedly distorted recollection; IF they were even present, which they weren’t.

To the American people – with very few exceptions – for being so pathetically biased.