Injustice and Corruption
32 Months Later

I will give you all a piece of advise, do not trust police officers, ever, no matter how friendly and objective they appear to be.  DO NOT, under any circumstances, leave your children out of your sight, especially if they are known to be hyperactive, danger seeking or disobedient.  Avoid at all costs having to depend on 9-1-1 calls and emergency response paramedics for true emergencies, as much as possible (clearly sometimes this is unavoidable, so if you do have to call them, make sure you have witnesses around). DO NOT trust public servants around your children, especially without neutral and legal supervision during any conversation between them.  If you are ever questioned by the police, hang on to that damn 5th amendment and DO NOT try to be helpful or cooperative, lawyer up before you say anything, no matter how helpful you’re trying to be, regardless of how innocent and/or tempted to believe people are smart enough to see the truth you think you might be.  And for the love of Sagan’s atoms, DO NOT date people with children or ever try to discipline or care for them as if they were your own, especially if said children are known to be hyperactive, danger seeking or disobedient, et cetera…

Don’t say I did not warn you, you see it every day with police brutality, dishonest people lying to courts or police officers to manipulate the accused into doing whatever they want, whether it be money or other sort of compensation, and unfortunately, corruption, incompetence and dishonesty do not stop there: there are more passive, corrupt police officers who will, use derogatory language, lie and provide false statements, manipulate or convince others into siding with their stories, for the same reasons some police officers do more obvious injustices.  These officers will take advantage of their position of authority and exploit anything they can to make or win a case against anyone.

Either way, just make sure that if you ever encounter individuals such as the following, you know what to expect; protect yourselves:

  • Officer A, first officer at the scene, recently put on “paid leave” for having killed an unarmed suspect during her lunch break at a Starbucks parking lot, dangerously near the school she works at (King Co. version and local news version). Interesting fact is that there was better news coverage of her breast cancer victim and subsequent debacle with the police department, whining for paid leave (more here).  And Officer B, second officer at the scene, called me a “fucking spic.”  In two separate court and case paper works these two officers are described as “the arresting officer” and despite Officer At, claiming herself that she arrested me, Officer B was in fact the one who handcuffed me.  Of course without anyone else as MY witness, there is no way I can prove what these people did or did not during the arrest.
  • Detective A (now apparently demoted to officer, unknown why), was the interviewing Detective A, who has not only provided false statements on the reports and Certification for Determination of Probable Cause.  Detective A (then still an officer) had been involved in an internal affairs investigation for over-tasing a man already handcuffed (more here).  Detective A also mentioned during the interview, that she knew the alleged victim’s grandmother (a nurse for the alleged victim’s pediatrician and also a pediatrician the detective confirmed that she has collaborated with before) professionally (and implicitly personally), which raise some serious questions of conflict of interests.
  • Paramedic One and Paramedic Two, who were allegedly, witness to Officer A claims that she interviewed my four years old stepson while in the ambulance outside of the apartment.  Their recounts of Officer A’s make little sense, and were possibly invented by Officer A.
  • The Judge who has from the beginning sided with her clearly biased, view that because the alleged victim was at the time of the accusation a four year old boy, keeping me incarcerated for 8 months and 24 on house arrest are somehow making the streets safer.  Of course she has not considered the facts that I have no prior record, history or claims of violent behavior nor criminal record of any sort.  Have also served honorably and injured myself for this undeserving country!  As the 31 month mark (minimum possible sentence for someone convicted of the crime I am accused) approached, the defense asked this judge if she would listen to a motion to release without bail, her response was appalling, on the record she practically said that because the alleged victim is a little boy she “will not” be considering releasing me without bail.  Despite the fact that deciding not to release me on the minimum possible sentence, seems to me (and it should to anyone with a reasonable mind) that is technically a form or sentencing without a fair trial.  There has not been a trial, but she has clearly decided that I should not be free at the minimum possible sentence.

28 MONTHS LATER (previous post about this)